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IT Systems

Network Administrator

Network Administrator duties include directing and coordinating local area personal computer network activities;  establishing and maintaining user access, links, directories and security protocols; responding to user needs concerning network operation and use of various software and hardware arrangements; monitoring network functions; ensuring timely backup; maintaining system logs and other documentation; and coordinating relationships with vendors and technicians.

Network Analyst

Network Analyst duties include planning and performing analysis of major company activities and guiding the design and implementation of systems for the application of electronic data processing or for the improvement of existing data processing applications.  Is concerned primarily with the broad aspect of data processing systems, with the objective of utilizing available personnel resources, computer hardware and software to provide that information most useful to the company in the most effecient manner.  Primary concern is with the interaction between systems, not only to avoid redundancies in storage and processing, but also to take advantage of new and more effective ways of providing needed information.

Network Engineer

Network Engineer duties include being responsible for the technical design, configuration, and implementation of local and wide area network solutions between multiple platforms, including, ongoing technical support to remote area networks, internet and EDI communications. Possesses extensive knowledge of multi-protocol systems and implementation experience with multi-vendor network systems.  Has responsibilities for trouble shooting network usage, workstations and computer peripherals.  Beyond bachelor's degree, CNE or equivalent and 2 plus years experience.

Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst duties include solving computer problems and applying computer technology to meet the individual needs of an organization.  Helping to realize the maximum benefit of  investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes, also.  Additional responsibilities include planning and developing new computer systems or devising ways to apply existing systems' resources to both hardware and software, or add a new software application to harness more of the computer's power.  Would be working with specific types of systems - business, accounting, scientific and engineering systems.

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer duties include coordinating the construction and maintenance of a company's computer systems and planning their future growth.  Would be coordinating each department's computer needs - ordering, inventory, billing, and payroll recordkeeping; setting up the company's intranets - networks that link computers within the organization; and easing communication among the various departments.  May design new hardware, software, and systems.