The Best Ways to Create a Successful Onboarding Experience

Once you hire a new employee, you need to get them off to the best start possible. This includes a positive and engaging onboarding experience. With one, you can ensure they learn all the ins and outs of your company, feel welcomed and like part of the team, understand their role and where they fit in, and more.

So how can you make the onboarding experience a great one? With these simple tips:

Give them a big welcome

Don’t focus on paperwork and tasks on their first day at work. Instead, give them a huge welcome. Make sure you’re on-site and available to greet them when they arrive. Take them around the office for a quick tour and make sure, ahead of time, their office is set up and ready for them. Introduce them to their team members and a few key company players, so they can start to get to know their new colleagues.

Create a gift basket for them.

Create a gift basket filled with company apparel, mugs, pens, notepaper and more. You can even add in gift certificates for local restaurants or coffee shops to give it a boost. Showing them you’re excited that they’re now a part of your team will go a long way in introducing them to your office culture and making them feel welcome.

Schedule in some down time.

Don’t schedule every second of your new hire’s first day. Give them some time on their own to get settled into their new office or workspace. Make sure they have all the instructions and credentials they need to set up their email and voice mail.

Also, you might even want to have your new hire start on a Wednesday or Thursday, so they can have the weekend to process all they’ve learned. They’ll be refreshed and re-energized on Monday.

Make time for socialization.

The first day shouldn’t be business as usual. Instead, schedule a lunch or happy hour after work for your new team member. Invite their colleagues to join you, so everyone can get to know one another on a more personal level. Taking this step will help your new employee feel excited and like a valued team member.

Skip the long-winded training.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in terms of training and onboarding. However, don’t try to get through it during the first day or few days. Instead, break it up into smaller, bite-sized sessions. Avoid long-winded presentations that aren’t of value and instead, give your new employee access to online training they can complete on their own time, when it works for them.

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