The Importance of Candidate Experience During the Hiring Process

Ignoring candidates or leaving them in the dark is not the way to win top talent. Instead, you need to develop a positive candidate experience for all so that job seekers are more engaged and impressed with your company. Even if they don’t secure the job offer, they’ll walk away with a positive vibe and more willingness to apply in the future. Here are some tips to improve your candidate experience:

Enhance your career page or website.

You should have a company career page or website that discusses what you do, who you serve, company values, the leadership team, and the perks of working for your organization. It should just be a snapshot overview of these areas to give potential applicants a sense of whether your organization is a fit for them.

Optimize your career site.

Make sure your career website is optimized for use on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Most candidates today are using their phones to not only search for jobs but apply. It’s why optimizing your site for all devices is critical.

Help your company shine on social media.

On your social media channels or profiles, include more personalities related to your company. You can upload video tours of your office and employee-authored blog posts about working for your company, including a schedule of upcoming job fairs and other unique information that will interest and engage candidates. Use social media as a tool to build relationships and engagement, not simply post job openings.

Don’t make your job description an afterthought.

Your job description should be clear and compelling. It should outline the essential requirements you’re looking for in a candidate but also provide information about why a candidate should want to work at your company. It doesn’t need to be long-winded but instead clear and engaging.

Talk about salary and benefits.

Oftentimes, companies treat this information as top secret. However, if there’s a big misalignment between what you’re offering and what a candidate expects, then it’s a waste of time. Instead, post a salary range and examples of benefits offered, so candidates have a general understanding of what you can provide and if it’s the right fit for their expectations.

Make it easy to apply.

If your application process is long-winded and complicated, you’re going to lose top candidates. You don’t need to know every detail about a candidate, just the basics. So make it easy for them to apply, and if they’re not finishing applications, find out why, so you can improve conversion rates.

Communicate often.

Keep your candidates informed each step of the way, from when they apply through the interview process. If they don’t get the offer, let them know immediately. If a decision will be made soon, give them a heads-up. If you need more information or to schedule a second interview, reach out and communicate with them so they know where they stand.

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