The Key to Preserving Company Culture When Hiring This Summer

Your company’s culture plays a big part in overall performance and success. Not only does it impact employee satisfaction on the job, but also your ability to recruit and hire talented new people to join your team. How do you promote and preserve your culture when you’re hiring? Here are some tips to keep in mind as your company grows and expands over the summer months:

Don’t hire people in haste.

You likely need a new employee now. However, hiring in haste can often lead to poor decisions and expensive mistakes. It’s why it’s important to take time upfront to ensure you’re getting the right people. Create a job posting that represents the company and the culture, as well as your hiring needs. Interview each candidate thoroughly and make sure you conduct reference checks. It may take a little longer to hire, however it will be well worth it when you’re able to bring a solid individual on board who’s a fit for the culture.

Keep company values in mind when you’re hiring.

A candidate might look great on paper and seem like the perfect fit during the interview. However, if their skills are strong, but their personality isn’t a match for the culture, this will lead to problems down the line.

For instance, imagine you have an open floor plan in your office with employees constantly communicating and collaborating throughout the day. A candidate who works better alone and wants to be more independent isn’t going to mesh with that culture. So if collaboration is a key value, then make sure the candidates you hire are aligned with it.

Conduct a personality test.

Oftentimes, candidates want to put their best foot forward during an interview. This might not truly reflect who they are as a worker, though. It’s why performing a personality test can be helpful. It will help you learn more about the interpersonal skills each candidate comes with, the kind of environment they work best in, and other insights that are difficult to gather during an interview. Once it’s time to make a decision, you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

Don’t forget about your core team.

Don’t simply aim to promote and preserve company culture when hiring new employees. Make sure you’re focusing on your core staff, offering recognition and praise for their hard work. Also, invest time and effort into creating a strong, healthy culture, one where people love coming to work each day. This takes thought and strategy, but will help you hire better-fit professionals, as well as retain them going forward.

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