Three Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills in 2022

It’s a new year and a great time start implementing those resolutions you set for 2022. If, however, one of them is to improve your leadership skills, you might be wondering where to begin. Achieving it is do-able when you break it down into smaller, micro-goals. Here are three specific and simple ways you can go about becoming a better leader in the year ahead:

#1: Communicate more.

When it comes to your people, they want to know where they stand with you individually, as well as how they’re contributing to the team at large. It’s why communicating with each one privately and as a part of a group is so important. Make sure you’re talking about short- and long-term goals with each one, as well areas where they need to improve.

Another tip? Don’t assume your employees understand the big picture. They might know what they’re supposed to be working on today, right now. But do they understand how it impacts the company’s bottom line? Aim to keep your people in the loop more often and to make sure goals are aligned. This helps to develop a sense of shared purpose and ensures your team understands your vision for the future.

Don’t let it be a one-way conversation, though. Ask how you can help support them in the process, so together you can achieve company goals. Also, inquire about any challenges or issues they’re concerned about or see coming up in the year ahead. That way, you can both strategize and problem-solve before something escalates.

#2: Nurture more.

You likely have a lot of talented people on your team. In order to help them perform optimally, they need the right tools and resources. It’s where nurturing and mentoring your employees comes in. You can do this individually, on a one-on-one basis, implement a formal mentoring program, or offer opportunities for continuing education, as well as stretch assignments. Empower the people you are leading to develop new skills and become your company’s future leaders.

#3: Delegate more.

Don’t be the helicopter boss who is constantly hovering and micro-managing your people. If you have a staff of professionals you trust, then step back and let them make decisions and do the work.

Take this even one step further and aim to delegate even more to them. This shows them that you are confident in their abilities and also frees your time and schedule up to focus on other crucial areas of the business. When delegating, just make sure you match the right people to the right assignments and that you’re available to offer guidance when needed.

As a leader, setting your own personal goals is an important part of achieving company-wide success. When you communicate, nurture and delegate, you’ll go a long way in becoming a better leader and being able to build a stronger team in the year ahead.

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