What Are 4 Tips for Successful Career Growth in 2023?

Is advancing your career on your mind for the year ahead? You’re not alone. Many professionals put some type of career-related goal on their New Year’s list of resolutions. If standing out to your employer is a top priority for 2023, here are four practical steps for getting there.

#1: Network often.

Now that COVID shutdowns and social distancing are behind us, aim to get out more and network. Set a goal, like attending one networking event every week or every month, depending on your schedule. It can be anything from a local chamber of commerce happy hour to an industry-related conference or seminar or even a casual alumni gathering.

If you prefer online networking, join an industry forum, invite those you know to connect with you on LinkedIn, and start posting your own content to position yourself as an industry expert.

#2: Take more risks.

Staying inside your comfort zone is easy. Stepping outside and taking risks requires a little risk-taking. However, if you don’t take risks, your career will stagnate, going nowhere fast. You don’t have to do anything drastic, simply stretch yourself at work and ask for more responsibility, take on an assignment that’s outside your comfort zone, or accept a volunteer position that enables you to network, hone your skills and help others.

#3: Fill the skill gaps.

Are there areas at work where you’re noticing a gap? Aim to fill these by enrolling in a course, seminar or online training program, so you can expand your knowledge base and gain skills in this particular area. Not only will you become more valuable to your existing employer, but you’ll be more marketable when you’re searching for a new job.

#4: Become a problem solver.

At work, you encounter challenges all the time. Rather than simply bringing them to the attention of your boss, come up with a solution. When you look for your own solution first and then present it to your boss, along with the problem, they’ll be grateful for an answer and impressed by your initiative. It’s just another way you can stand out among your peers and get ahead in 2023.

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