What Are Some of the Best Hacks for a Job Search?

There are plenty of hacks for organizing your life or tackling different problems. However, when it comes to your job search, is there a way to handle it and speed it up, too? The short answer is: Yes! Here are some simple hacks to hep you facilitate a more effective job search:

Create a mobile-ready resume.

These days, most people search for jobs on their mobile devices. If you find an exciting opportunity, you’ll want to apply right away. So make sure you have a resume that is available and ready to go on your mobile device. This way, if you don’t have immediate access to a computer, you can still apply.

Include keywords in your resume.

In today’s world, most companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) in order to screen resumes. If yours doesn’t include any keywords from the job posting, then it might not make it into the hands of a hiring manager.

Before you send in your resume, review the job posting and pick out a few keywords that are relevant to the position and your background. Then make sure you’re using them throughout your resume to increase your odds of getting called for an interview.

Write out templates for emails.

Whether you’re responding to an employer about an interview, following up afterward, or networking with contacts and reaching out about opportunities, having an email template for these conservations makes them easier. You’ll save time and streamline the process.

Build up your network.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of all that networking can offer. Not only can it connect you to new job leads, but also those who can offer you tips, advice and guidance throughout your job search. So make an effort to stay connected in person and online, as well as to expand your network with new people.

Develop a cheat sheet for interviews.

When you’re gearing up for interviews, it’s handy to have a cheat sheet you can use with all your accomplishments and key points that are important to reference. If you’re interviewing over the phone or on a video conference, this is especially helpful since you can keep it by your side during the conversation.

Either way, when you have your track record of successes written out, it’s easier to recall them during interviews and other conversations related to your job search.

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