What You Can Expect to Pay for Top Finance & Accounting Talent in 2021

When you’re hiring accounting or financial professionals, a big consideration is the cost. A competitive compensation package will help you to attract the best candidates and hire them faster. However, you want to ensure you’re offering an amount your company can sustain, as well. So just what should you consider when you’re looking to recruit finance and accounting professionals?

Just like any other industry, it depends on experience. For instance, in 2021, for an entry-level cost accountant in corporate accounting, the average salary is around $53,300. For a mid-level public accounting manager, the average salary is approximately $76,670. If, however, you’re hiring for a senior-level role instead, a vice president of a financial institution would demand around $129,970.

Consider Virtual Workers for a More Cost-Friendly Solution

In the accounting and finance industry, there are also options for hiring virtual accountants or temporary ones. If, for instance, all your records are digitized and you only need a part-time accountant, it makes sense to hire a virtual freelance one. They’ll be able to access your files through a secure server to collect and manage data and prepare reports.

This has been an increasingly popular option in recent years, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to advancements in technology. Your business can get the accounting or finance services it needs in a way that’s often far more cost-friendly.

Turn to Our Accounting Staffing Agency for Easy Access to Top Talent

If you’d like professional help taking advantage of virtual accounting or bookkeeping, or hiring your next accountant or finance professional, turn to Provisional Recruiting. We offer a specialized accounting and finance division for all your staffing challenges. Through it, we can help in many ways, including with:

  • Remote Staffing: We can recruit and hire leading accounting and finance professional from across Spokane, Boise, the Pacific Northwest region, and beyond. We’ll ensure you have access to workers who excel in a remote position and can deliver immediate results.
  • Account Temps: If you require an accounting professional for a day, a week, several months or longer, we offer a pool of highly skilled talent to choose from. They offer expertise at every level and many have specialized experience in both public and private accounting.
  • Contract and Contract-to-Hire: This is just another flexible option, ensuring you have access to top-tier professionals when you need them, for a flexible period of time. This will help you to meet your company goals without adding to your overhead.
  • Direct Hire: If you’re looking for full-time accounting or finance professionals, we can source, screen and recruit top candidates for a range of positions, including controller, accounting manager, and more.

If you’re ready for help finding your next accounting or finance professional, Provisional Recruiting is here for you. We’re committed to bringing value to your company and building a lasting partnership with you. Contact us today to learn more.

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