What’s the Best Way to Regain Confidence During a Prolonged Job Hunt?

Searching for a job for a prolonged period of time can not only be stressful, but cause a blow to your confidence. You might be wondering just how strong your skills are, why you’re not getting offers, and whether you should adjust your expectations. The good news is that there are some ways you can stay on track, keep your confidence up, and find a new job. Here’s what to do:

Read or listen to inspirational content.

Whether it’s reading books, blogs, articles, or inspirational quotes, listening to podcasts, or watching videos on YouTube, there are a plethora of choices out there for motivation. These can help you to gain perspective, learn from any mistakes you’re making, move past the feeling of fear and rejection, and get the push you need to keep taking positive steps forward.

Talk to someone.

Whether it’s a friend, family member, mentor or job coach, reach out to someone who can help you get unstuck. You’ll be able to vent your fears and frustrations and also get some feedback and input that can help you stay motivated. You can even check out any online job forums or career websites that offer you this kind of support.

Hit reset on your job search.

Make sure you take a moment to check your resume, LinkedIn profile and the cover letters you’re sending. You can even share them with the mentor or friend you’re talking to. Look for areas where you can improve or strengthen them based on any feedback you’ve gotten during the job search process.

Also, set goals for each week, such as applying to a certain number of jobs and attending a certain number of networking events. This will help keep the momentum going, without being overwhelming, so you find that new job you want.

Talk to yourself in a positive way.

There are things we say to ourselves that we would never say to a friend, family member or co-worker. But talking positively to yourself can help keep your mind in a healthier place. So reframe the situation. It takes time to find a great new job opportunity, one that will help you advance your career. Tell yourself you are a talented, smart candidate and the right job is on its way.

Work with a recruiter.

If you’re truly stuck, get help from a professional recruiter. They can work with you to identify reasons why you haven’t been able to find that right-fit job. They can also help you polish your cover letter and resume, improve your interview skills, and connect you with opportunities that you might otherwise not know about.

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