Why Every Hiring Manager Should Partner with a Staffing Firm

As a hiring manager, you have a challenging role. You have to find people who can technically handle the work, but who are also a fit for the culture of your company. It’s a tall order, one made easier with a staffing firm. Here are a few ways a firm can help you to hire:

Find more qualified people, faster.

With a staffing firm, you can find the people you need, quickly. You don’t have to screen hundreds of resumes or conduct countless interviews. You can simply access a few top-tier, qualified candidates to make your final hiring decision.

This is simply because a recruiter has a pipeline of talented candidates who are ready to hit the ground running. They’re not starting from scratch, like you, and instead can deliver both active and passive options, one of whom could be your next great hire.

Focus on other priorities.

While your staffing firm is sourcing, screening, and evaluating candidates, you can focus your time and attention on other business priorities. You can therefore get more done in your day and won’t be left scrambling to hire. You’ll be more productive and less stressed, as a result.

Access the services you need.

Whether you need help hiring for a key management role or a team of contractors to finish a big project, a staffing firm can provide the people you need – in the way you need them. They can also offer access to temp-to-hire candidates, so you can try out new recruits before extending a full-time offer. This all combines to give you the flexible workforce you need, so you can operate at peak efficiency.

Get help with screening and testing.

When it comes to performing background checks, skills testing, personality testing and other assessments, it can require a lot of time and resources. Instead with a professional staffing firm, they can handle the work, ensuring you get the right-fit candidate who passes with flying colors.

Ready for help hiring?

At Provisional Recruiting, we’re a Spokane staffing firm with a robust network of candidates, a proven screening process, and the services you need to remain optimally staffed at all times with qualified professionals. If you’d like to find out more, contact us today.

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