Why You Should Keep Your Recruiter Updated with Skills and Qualifications…Even if You’re Not Actively Looking for a Job

When you’re searching for a new job in the Northwest, one of your first moves will be to reach out to your recruiter. But did you know you should do this regularly…even if you’re not looking?

That’s right. Even if you’re happy at work and aren’t planning a new job search any time soon, there are several reasons to stay in contact with your recruiter and keep them updated on your skills and qualifications. Here’s a look at a few:

Reason #1: You could lose your job unexpectedly.

One of the keywords during the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertainty. It’s best to be prepared in case anything should happen at your company or with your job. Staying in touch with your recruiter is one way to do that. If the worst-case-scenario happens, you’ll be able to get a new job search up and running with them quickly. You’ll also have someone to help you navigate this unexpected and stressful situation, so you can actually advance your career in the long run.

Reason #2: Your dream job could be around the corner.

Even if you’re satisfied at work, a recruiter will be in touch with a wide range of employers who are currently hiring or just about to. As a result, they might know about opportunities that aren’t being advertised. One of them could be your dream role and if you’re in regular contact with your recruiter, you could find out about it and throw your name into the running for it.

Reason #3: Finding a new job will be easier.

Even if you don’t plan to search for a new job soon, when you update your recruiter on new skills and expertise and likewise keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated, finding a new position will be far easier in your next search. You won’t have to try to look back over the years and guess at the details of past projects and accomplishments. You’ll already have listed them on your resume and LinkedIn profile when they were fresh in your mind and your recruiter will be aware of them. This way, you’ll be able to start up your search faster and make yourself a more marketable candidate in the long run.

Reason #4: You can apply for other opportunities.

You can use your resume and LinkedIn profile for opportunities other than paid jobs. For instance, if you’re interested in joining a board or volunteering at a non-profit, it can be helpful to have an updated resume on hand.

The bottom line is that whether you leave your job unexpectedly or are planning to start a new search, you won’t have to scramble or rush to update your resume. You’ll have your details in place, along with a well-maintained relationship with your recruiter who can give you a leg up in your search.

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