Why You Should Notify a Recruiter Every Time You Update Your Resume

When it comes to your relationship with a recruiter, communication is key. It’s important you’re open with them about the type of job you want, what employer culture is a fit for you, salary requirements, dealbreakers, and other key details.

This means if you have news that should be added to your resume, then you should update your recruiter and let him or her know. This way, they can best represent you and promote your background and abilities to a potential employer. You’ll have a better chance at getting the right-fit job with a company that aligns with your values, lifestyle needs, and career trajectory.

Some updates that are important to communicate:

  • If you were promoted at work.
  • If you received an award.
  • If you completed a project that can be valuable to note.
  • If you left your company and are now unemployed.

Staying in contact with your recruiter is key to maximizing the benefits of working with one. Beyond updating them about your resume, some other times you should keep them in the loop include the following:

You’re going out of town.

Whether you’re traveling for work or going on vacation, let your recruiter know when you’ll be away, so they won’t schedule any interviews. Also let them know how to best reach you, whether by phone, text, or email, in case something important comes up related to your job search.

You’re offered a job.

If you’re offered a job, make sure your recruiter knows right away about your decision. Don’t wait a day or two until you communicate the fact that you are no longer available as a candidate. Give them a call or send them an email immediately to share your news.

You decided to keep your existing job.

If you have second thoughts about leaving your job, or your boss has counteroffered with a package you want to accept, make sure you notify your recruiter right away. You don’t want them to send along your resume to potential employers if you’re no longer planning on making a move.

All that said, don’t contact your recruiter relentlessly either. Reach out when you have news or an updated resume to share. Follow up after some time has passed when you’ve spoken last. However, don’t email or call them daily for updates. You’ll wind up sabotaging the relationship and your chance of finding a new job through them if you do.

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