What You Can Expect to Pay for Top Finance & Accounting Talent in 2021

When you’re hiring accounting or financial professionals, a big consideration is the cost. A competitive compensation package will help you to attract the best candidates and hire them faster. However, you want to ensure you’re offering an amount your company can sustain, as well. So just what should you consider when you’re looking to recruit […]

Hiring a Remote or Virtual Bookkeeper

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, the economy has taken a big step back. For your company, this might mean furloughs and layoffs, even for those workers you truly need. If that’s the case when it comes to your accounting staff or bookkeepers, what can you do? The solution is simple: hire a virtual bookkeeper. This […]

The Top Things Employers Look for When Hiring an Accountant

While demand for accountants is high, competition for the best jobs in accounting is also fierce. It’s why, if you want to find the right position quickly, you need to make a compelling case for employers to hire you. To do that, focus on these key skills and abilities during the process: Your high standards. As an […]

Accounting Hiring & Staffing Trends for 2020

There’s fierce competition when it comes to hiring accounting, tax and audit professionals. As a manager, what can you do to keep your finger on the pulse of the candidate market and get the people you need, where and when you need them? It’s important to be aware of a few accounting hiring trends for […]

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