The Importance of Candidate Experience During the Hiring Process

Ignoring candidates or leaving them in the dark is not the way to win top talent. Instead, you need to develop a positive candidate experience for all so that job seekers are more engaged and impressed with your company. Even if they don’t secure the job offer, they’ll walk away with a positive vibe and […]

The Benefits of Diverse & Inclusive Hiring Practices

Diversity and inclusion should be top of mind when you’re recruiting and hiring. In today’s competitive marketplace, it can help you sharpen your edge. In fact, those teams with individuals from many backgrounds and with a range of experiences and perspectives can solve complex problems faster and drive productivity and profits. Some other benefits of […]

How a Staffing Agency Saves You TIME When Hiring in 2023?

Is hiring at the top of your list for the New Year? Then consider partnering with a staffing agency from around the Spokane area. When you do, you can gain access to a team of experts who will get to work sourcing, screening, and vetting the people you need. Meanwhile, you can focus on other […]

How to Get Your Introverted Employees to Speak Up in Important Meetings

All your employees have ideas and suggestions that can add value to your team. However, if some of your workers don’t feel comfortable voicing them, then you could be losing out on innovation, creativity and your next great idea. How can you create a culture that encourages all employees, even those less outspoken ones, to […]

How to Coach Your Employees Through Their Shortcomings

Not one single employee is perfect. Each one has shortcomings and weaknesses that can impact their ability to meet your expectations. As their boss, it’s your job to coach them through these less-than-ideal traits and help them reach their potential. The question: where do you begin? Here are some ways to support and mentor your […]

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